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Christian formation


bible and catechism study at 9:00 AM

Sundays before the divine service for children and adults

all welcome

Current Bible Studies:


Heroes of the Faith Bible Study. 

2 July Who is Jan Hus? 

9 July Who is Benedict of Nursia?

23 July Who is St. James, the Elder ?

30 July Break

6 August Break

13 Aug Who is Mary, Mother of our Lord?\

20 Aug Who is St. Bartholomew?\

27 Aug Who is St. Augustine?

3 September Break


The Cross and the Crown: How the Solas Work Together

How do we sort out what it means to be Lutheran? Using the little word "alone" or sola in Latin, as Martin Luther did, this study will help us get the big picture right: Salvation is all God's doing. 


10 September Lesson 1. Lutheran Basics
17 September Lesson 2. By Christ Alone
24 September Lesson 3. By the Cross Alone

 1 October Lesson 4. By Faith Alone
8 October Lesson 5. By the Word Alone
15 October Lesson 6. By Scripture Alone
22 October Lesson 7. By Grace Alone
29 October Lesson 8. To the Glory of God Alone

5 Nov Break

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