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Lutheran Bishop flees Russia over Ukraine War

A number of years ago the German broadcaster DW (Deutsche Welle) did a story on the Lutherans in Moscow. A companion story was also done on the Archbishop of the Lutheran Church in Russia named Dietrich Brauer. Brauer was elected as the youngest Archbshop of the Lutheran Church in Russia in its history. He was also the youngest bishop among all of the churches of the Lutheran World Federation.

Followng the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 Brauer preached a sermon on peace. Brauer reported that the sermon was well received by the congregation, however, several days later Russian government officials made it clear according to Brauer that “all religious leaders (were) to express themselves in support (of) the war.” Bishop Brauer around the same time received an invitation from the Evangelical Church in Germany to speak. Brauer became increasingly concerned for his safety. Consequently in March 2022 he left Russia with his wfe and two children for Germany. He preached at a service for peace at the Berlin Dom on 17 March 2022 and you can see that here:

Brauer in an interview here does not know if he can ever return to Russia. In response to the question if he can ever return to Russia Archbishop Brauer answered, “Not at the moment. Unfortunately, there are now more questions than answers. I distance myself clearly and publicly from this war, which is not only a war against Ukraine, but a war against humanity.”

Remember this man and his family in your prayers. Also pray for the Lutheran Church in Russia.

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